Saturday, September 5, 2009

Is the Issue Race or Genuine Concern

America made history electing the first Black President. We have a history rooted in slavery and prejudice. It's an ugly truth we would all love to forget. We have transcended our past and look toward a future where anyone can be anything. With that being said, what is the real issue with the changes Obama wants to make. Is it fair to say it's a racial issue, or is that too flimsy an excuse, a disgusting throwback from the past? I want to break this subject down to the marrow. America was built on free speech. Let's talk about it. What's the truth? What is your personal truth on the issue? My truth is I am afraid for my financial future and my kids financial future. I don't know what to think about the changes. I never followed politics until now. A lot of what I thought I knew previously was an emotional judgment and not a logical decision. How can I make my America better for myself and my children. Is that even possible?

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